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Human Resources Recruitment

Human resources recruiting is composed of planning a companies labor requirements, defining the position, advertising to attract candidates, screening the responses and appointing the chosen candidate. In bigger companies that have a large volume of staff requirements, recruitment companies are sometimes used to select and screen candidates for submission to the employing company. For smaller companies that do not have the expertise or budget for in-house personnel, recruitment companies can provide a turn key solution for a firms hr recruitment needs. The following provides further insight into the human resources recruiting process.

Planning to recruit: A company typically forecasts its labor requirements and establishes budgets for staff control. The hr manager performs this in consultation with senior management. The goals and objectives of the company are factored into this. Position vacancies or the establishment of new key positions due to growth in the companies operations strongly influence the planning process.

Defining the Position: The human resources recruitment agent determines the key skills, education, experience and job requirements for the position. This may be in consultation with department heads or the person directly responsible for supervising the new candidate. Once the attributes are established, the advertising process commences. Large companies advertise vacancies internally but may also advertise through the internet, newspapers and recruitment agencies.

Attracting candidates: Resume submission takes place through the channels directed on the advertisement for the position. Initial culling takes place to establish a short list for interview purposes. If insufficient applications are not received the advertising may be extended or new channels explored to attract candidates that match the job requirements.

Selecting the Candidate: The interview process is undertaken from the short list of candidates. The hr recruitment agent or human resources company is responsible for this process. The interview rounds may be conducted several times to narrow down the field. If the hr company performs this function the selected candidate will be submitted to the company for meeting purposes and to determine best fit.

Appointing the Candidate: After the candidate is selected an official appointment is made. The candidate is provided with a contract or terms of employment reference. Usually a formal introduction to the company or personnel that will be working directly with the new employee is made. A start date is established and the individual commences thereafter.

A busy company requires staff to keep its operations running smoothly. The role of the human resources recruitment process is to provide staff that meet the needs of the companies staff requirements. The human resources recruitment professional directly controls the selection of new candidates to meet the companies goals and objectives. Attracting quality candidates through the hr process has a marked effect on a companies performance and bottom line.

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