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Human Resources Issues

Managing Human Resources Issues

Human Resources Issues

Human resource issues confront an organization and require careful monitoring. This is particularly so with multiple integrated business units that are codependent. Decisions made in one unit can affect the outcome of another. Improvements in company performance require all business units to be strategically aligned. The human resources framework needs to be responsive to an organizations needs and minimize potential areas of risk.

Issues in human resources from technology upgrades:

Companies that implement process improvements including equipment or computer based initiatives need to ensure staff members are adequately trained to extract the full potential from the initiative. Often staff are not adequately trained to understand the full functional capabilities of new software applications. In studies undertaken on erp implementation, it was discovered that a high percentage of project failures was directly attributed to the failure of the organization to allocate sufficient capital to training and development programs. If technology is employed to leverage existing processes and reduce arduous administrative tasks, companies are required to ensure personnel are equipped to extract timely and meaningful information. Otherwise, they spend excessive amounts of time trying to decipher requirements which is counterproductive to the organizations intended mandate.

Recruitment human resources management issues:

Companies that foster operational excellence have established mandates for attracting high caliber staff. Difficulties can creep into this process when inappropriate selection methods are employed or the key attributes for the position are not adequately defined. It is important that open communication be adopted by human resources personnel and department heads. A consultative approach helps to clarify and clearly articulate skills, experience and desirable employment characteristics. The application process can then be conducted in an appropriate way to screen for candidates that meet the defined requirements. This may include conducting skill, aptitude or behavioral tests. Ensuring employees are appropriately matched to job descriptions minimizes hr issues associated with skill mismatch.

Health and Safety Issues:

The Human resources department is responsible for establishing workplace policies in accordance with laws, regulations and safe work practices. This prevents injury, potential lawsuits and lost productivity due to downtime. The human resources framework needs to establish policies and guidelines for staying on top of changes to health and safety requirements and conduct appropriate awareness training to ensure all workers are aware of and comply with company health and safety policies.

A proactive approach to managing human resource issues allows a company to focus on maximizing the use of human capital for superior organizational performance.

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