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Human resources information is a term that applies loosely to several sub sections of human resource management and, broadly speaking, differs from organization to organization and industry to industry. The following article looks at the different hr information requirements as it applies to modern day organizations.

General Information on human resources: General hr information applies to the policies and procedures established to be an organization to shape its labor requirements in accordance with the companies strategic goal sand objectives. Whether the organization is small or large, these policies and procedures help to establish the framework for employees and management. The hr manager is responsible for facilitating a companies hr requirements in consultation with division heads and senior company decision makers.

Training, learning and e-learning human resources info: This body of knowledge applies at a localized industry and organization level. Companies operational frameworks are established by their business model, operational objectives and business mandate. The labor force provides functional fit for the job requirements established by the business model. Training and learning hr information assists with formulating training programs and skill development for an organizations labor base.

Topic Expert human resources information: This includes specialized information and personnel on issues such as organizational change, retraining or issues that affect a companies goals and objectives. Outside experts are sometimes hired to solve a specific or industry related problem that affects a companies labor force. When training is required, this can include specialized personnel.

Health and Safety: Statutory and internal polices established by the company are part of the hr information framework. Human resource managers are responsible for ensuring compliance and organizational awareness of standards. Documents and information from government departments needs to be kept up to date to ensure workplace and worker compliance. Some breaches attract heavy penalties if not followed.

HR Employment: Human resources information on this usually comprises the policies and procedures that govern an organizations hiring standards and expectations. They can be tailored specifically to an individual's position.

Recruitment Websites and Services: Information provided by these organizations can be industry specific or deal with pertinent topics that affect various industries. With the recruitment industry becoming more specialized, information on specialized topics pertaining to industry segments is a natural consequence.

Human resource information can be diverse and industry specific. With the growth of the internet, the sharing of resources via the web has opened up a diverse range of human resource information that is freely available over the internet.

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