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Human Resource Tools

A skilled human resource department knows how to tap the potential of its employees. It uses various human resource tools to manage activities such as recruitment, performance reviews and training to align labor resources with company goals and objectives. HR tools assist a company to manage all aspects of the hr process from the initial application stage right through to individual career management.

First of all, the hr department should know the cost or the value of people within the organization. This includes established benchmarks of performance. HR should consider the difference between poor performers and the best performers, turnover, vacancy cost, replacement and the operational benefits of employee satisfaction. Hr tools are used to record and report on these variables to assist with reporting and strategic decision making. Guidelines for Staff Retention:

(i) Always ensure that the staff that you hire are suitably qualified to fulfill the needs and requirements of the job description. This will ensure that job mismatching does not occur. The individual also needs to be a good fit for the organizations culture. Mismatching resources can result in poor performance, higher staff turnover and an increase in operational labor costs.

(ii) You should assess a person's attitude and behavior. A talented candidate can create problems if they have behavioral problems that interfere with their work performance. Past references can be useful in this regard to ascertain the persons previous work history. It is important to manage a persons expectations on the job so that disenchantment does not enter the scene.

(iii) Some organizations employ third party human resource management tools to assess the skills, aptitude and suitability of the candidate for the position. Myers Briggs type indicators are an example of this. It is claimed that using a questionnaire allows organizations to profile candidate's behavior. Certain predetermined matches are established for the purposes of selecting suitable candidates.

(iv) Most employees leave organizations during the 'honeymoon phase' or the first 90 days of employment. It is, therefore, a good idea to schedule a performance review to ascertain how the individual is progressing in the new position. This can help to ease any concerns or address any problems.

A centralized human resource system provides a way for organizations to organize its human resource tools for reporting and strategic planning purposes. Whether you want to forecast for future budgets, control costs or asses labor requirements, integrated human resource software can provide the necessary hr tools to enhance your companies performance and improve the bottom line.

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