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Hr Software has multidimensional application. Depending on company requirements, human resources software can be "off the shelf" or built from the ground up. Off the shelf solutions offer standardized functionality that is broadly applicable to a diverse range of industries. The company simply installs it and uses a series of screen prompts or wizards to customize it to the requirements of the company. Custom built solutions take into consideration the organizational and industry structure. Large companies can require specialized solutions to meet the geographic needs of its respective divisions. Localized regulations and taxation structures are incorporated into tailored solutions and are generally much more expensive than "off the shelf" solutions.

Human resources software can be further subdivided into three core categories. This includes: workforce management, hr recruitment software and hr payroll software. In some cases, the software may include provision for all three requirements. In other instances, where the solution has been built from the ground up or is an industry specific "off the shelf" solution, the software may only comprise one or two of the core functional categories.

Hr workforce management software:

(a) Incorporates employee goal setting

(b) Documents and schedule training requirements

(c) Security protocols

(d) Attendance records

(e) Performance records and performance improvement initiatives

(f) Incident recording and reporting

(g) Review scheduling

Hr Software (Hr Industry Specific)

(i) Applicant Tracking

(ii) Pre screening process tools

(ii) Qualifications/skills/experience recording, reporting and searching

(iv) Job position screening

(v) Database of personal applicant details

(vi) Employer Database searchable by industry

This software is typically a database application. It may include front and back office integration. The popularity of the internet has witnessed the rise of internet based applications. Hr based websites often have the full functionality of stand alone programs. Advanced solutions cater to the maintenance of weekly pay scheduling and record keeping for contract staff. Web applications also have the capability to add, edit and delete candidate and job postings. This is dynamically updateable and is usually integrated into the web site content management system. Records or data searches can also be exported to office applications or into suitable formats for the importation into other management reporting tools and applications.

Payroll Hr Software:

1. compensation rates/awards/enterprise agreement record keeping

2. Leave loading calculations and reporting

3. Taxation rates and calculation

4. Superannuation and 401K details

5. Employee database for payment history

6. Full search functionality and reporting capability

7. Cost and accounting modules for financial reporting

8. Forecasting tools for future labor requirements.

The above represents the common application and types of hr software.

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